What Is Combo 45?

What Is Combo 45?

Combo 45 is a 45 minute cardio and body toning session using a variety of gym apparatus but also, importantly, your own body weight.

We alternate our training between High Intensity bursts of activity and traditional circuits. Not only does this ensure that you will never get bored in this session, it also means you'll get your heart rate up whilst strengthening your core muscles at the same time. 

Whilst this session will push you, your trainer will ensure that the pace and intensity is suitable for all participants, the fitter you are the harder you will be pushed, whilst those new to exercise or less fit will be encouraged to pause between stations longer to ensure they are comfortable with their recovery rate.

This is an ideal class to kick-start your day, a quick cardio/strength blast before the day starts in earnest is all you really need to keep you feeling fitter, stronger and leaner.

If you have yet to try Movers & Shapers unique small group training sessions why not take advantage of our 3 sessions for £30 intro offer, if you do then make sure one of your 3 is a Combo45 class, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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It's such a great concept, friendly & welcoming, and I know my body is pretty much back to pre-baby shape even though I have only been going for a few months.

Steph, Balham
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