There's some big changes happening at Movers & Shapers

There's some big changes happening at Movers & Shapers

If you haven't been down to Movers & Shapers for a while you may be pleasantly suprised the next time that you visit. Over the last few months we have been busy refurbishing and redecorating the studios. We are super excited at how they have turned out. 

Changing up the spaces has allowed us to bring in new equipment that will really add something extra to our classes. 

And that's not all......

To go with our gleaming new spaces, we have been working hard on some brand new class formats that are unique to Movers & Shapers whilst retaining the old favourites that we know our clients love.

The team are busy finalising their expertise in the new formats and our New Timetable will be unveiled on 4th June.

Watch this spacce for further details - who knows, there may even be one or two even more exciting announcements around the corner.


After 6 weeks my body fat was down 8% but, more importantly, my entire shape had changed. I'm thrilled to ditch smock-tops and treat myself to a new wardrobe, in size 8.

Lynne Hyland, SW London
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