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Teen Yoga

Research from the Journal of Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrics shows that teens and pre-teens who participated in yoga scored better on psychological test screenings for anxiety, depression and mood imbalances. This inspired us to put together a short list of benefits of yoga for young people. Whether you are a teen yourself, or a parent of a teenager, check it out!

 1. Physical 

Yoga is an ancient practice based on synching movement with breath, and it is proven to build core strength, increase flexibility, lengthen the muscles, increase coordination and balance. An added bonus is that it can help teens' posture rebound from a day hunched over a desk ( or a smartphone)

 2. Focus and discipline 

Teenagers have to learn how to deal with all those distractions around - and growing up in London doesn't make it easier. The last 4 years of school are crucial to teens future success in this amazing but highly competitive city. Ashtanga practice is highly methodical and technical - through maintaining focus on focal points and vinyasa count , posture and breathing , teens learn how to refocus on task at hand not only on the mat, but also off the mat.

 3. Emotional

Regular yoga practice is essential to finding that subtle connection between body and mind and developing  a better sense of emotions . Emotional intelligence is a very powerful thing to learn during adolescence , and it encourages compassion for the self and others , as well as self-acceptance. This benefit is particularly relevant to those teens who struggle with being socially accepted and body image.

4. Managing stress and anxiety

As evidenced by the study mentioned above, teens who practice yoga are better at managing stress and anxiety - which can be of great help during GSCEs, A-level exams, projects, placements and making a right choice of a future career.

5. Improved self-confidence

Yoga is a non-competitive and non-judgmental practice . Ashtanga-based practice is rather vigorous and athletic , but over time it not only helps teens to build strength and flexibility but works miracles on developing acceptance and a non-judgemental attitude in daily life. Practice also helps teenagers to become more compassionate for one another.

If you are a teenage or the parent of a teenager why not come along to explore for yourself the joys of being upside down and arm balances. This is a fast-paced class based on Ashtanga Primary Series, and our qualified instructors are used to working with complete beginners who will get plenty of attention and modifications.

Teens Yoga classes will be held every Wednesday during school term  from 6th September until 18th of October, then 1st of November until 13th of December, with no classes during half-term and term breaks. The fee is £70 for 7 week half -term when paid in advance or £ 14 for any time  drop-in class.

 Our classes are taught by Olga.

Olga is a mother of 2 teen boys (who practice yoga on weekends after weekly rugby, football and tennis training ) and a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance UK , an  internationally recognised membership and professional organisation for yoga teachers.

For parental consent form or any other enquiries, please email Olga at teens.yogatw1@gmail.com or call 07818274411


Teen Boxfit

Emma Callaway runs the teen Girl Boxfit class on Tuesdays at 4.30pm- 5.30pm.

This class is aimed at girls between 12-18 years old, empowering young girls to embrace their bodies and have fun with fitness.

Classes run during term time only and are £10 per class.

For more information contact Emma Callaway on eljcallaway@aol.co.uk or ask in studio.


Teen Circuits Thursdays at 4.45pm - 5.30pm 12-16 yr olds

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