Sometimes You Have To Put Yourself First

Sometimes You Have To Put Yourself First

Often from a young age it is drummed into us that we should put others first. That's generally a good ethos to live by but sometimes it is important to put yourself first. Looking after your own physical, and indeed mental health is vitally important. Only by putting yourself first in these two major areas will you truly look after yourself and those around you.

If putting yourself first is something that you find difficult, this can often be a lonely and difficult journey riddled with guilt and self-doubt. A counsellor can help by empowering their client to seek their own fulfilment and happiness, and reinforcing the idea that doing so does not mean causing harm to anyone else. Changing your thinking will require a lot of time and practice, and this is where therapy can really help.

BeHird Therapy

Annabelle Hird is a qualified BACP therapist. She began her training at The Tavistock and Portman where the focus is psychodynamic and completed her qualifications at the Gestalt Centre where she began to work in a more relational way.

Annabelle works with a varied client base and has experience with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body image issues, difficulties with sexual identity, relationship problems and grief. Her specific interest is perinatal mental health. She works with Cocoon Family Support where she has been a counsellor and is now facilitating peer suport groups for women struggling with postnatal depression. She beleives in creating a safe and trusting relationship with her clients so that they can have the space and help to explore and become aware of changes that they have the power to make.

Her sessions are charged at £60 per session but Movers & Shapers clients are offered a discounted rate of £50.

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