Movers & Shapers Evolves into Rize

Movers & Shapers Evolves into Rize

Although the boutique studio fitness concept is the latest "Big Thing", Movers and Shapers is no "Johnny Come Lately" we have in fact been around for over 10 years. We were the real pioneers of the boutique fitness studio boom that has taken the country by storm.

Movers & Shapers pioneered the inclusion of the Power Plate, and specialised in offering small group exercise classes. Our ethos has always been to provide a welcoming space, that feels comfortable for women (without being ladies only) relaxed for men, and supportive of family fitness. And that isn't going to change. We have members who workout with their partners, take turns to have some me time, or bring the whole family to build a love of feeling fit.

Times change however and some months ago we realised that it was time for a refresh of not only our physical spaces but also the classes we offer and our very brand itself. For a while now we have been beavering away busily on many of these elements in the background. This week however, we took a big step towards our new brand. Overnight the name above the door changed, we went to bed as Movers & Shapers and with the new day Rize had been born.

Rize will provide more of a relaxed, but no less effective range of group exercise classes. We want people to workout at Rize because they want to make a habit out of feeling good, and liking the people they get fit with.

We keep classes to a size that is sociable and allows our trainers to be more focused on the individual. 

Unlike most boutique studios we offer a wide range of class styles so there is no danger of getting bored. Our members can do a full Body Strike on a Monday to get them in the mood for their week, and ease into the weekend with a Candlelit Yoga session.

Over the next few weeks we will be launching our fabulous new website and our new app. If you haven't had a chance to experience getting the Rize feeling why not come along and try some sessions for yourself, we guarantee you won't regret it.


The Group Personal Trainers are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. A fitter body, a healthier mind, increased confidence. Thank you so much.

Pamela P, Muswell Hill
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