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Yes...that's right. Yoga for the boys. Right here in our Balham studio. Yoga For Dudes provides the right balance of fun, relaxation and a little bit of competition to achieve something new. It's an environment where you can be as stretchy as you want and have a laugh when you fall over.

After graduating from Yoga London in 2013, Jodie Raven became intrigued by the sheer number of men expressing an interest in Yoga. About 90% of these men lacked the confidence to strut their stuff in a Yoga studio. Most were anxious about being the 'only man' or the 'only student wobbling at the back!' Hence Yoga For Dudes was born to improve your overall fitness and flexibility. It's a safe haven for guys who might feel awkward and self-conscious in a mixed-gender situation.

Jodie's style is rooted in Ashtanga Vinyasa, meaning that each posture links to the next with a synchronised breath. The constant flow ensures that students are kept fully engaged and challenged throughout.

Classes are on Monday evenings and are popular so for more information contact Jodie on 07854 689376 or

Ok, I must admit I can't contain my excitement at the thought of going away for a couple of weeks but with two kids and three times as many clothes as actually needed, Chiropractor Dr Polly Hand, who practices at our Balham studio, offers some sensible advice...

Whilst holidays can be just what the doctor ordered by easing stress levels and getting you away from those long hours at the desk, they can also bring with them some troubles and aggravate back and neck pain. The change of bed, uncomfortable sun beds, long plane journeys and heavy luggage can all aggravate back and neck problems and send you home with more pain than before you left!

Follow these simple steps to minimise the risk of these issues ruining your long-awaited relaxing holiday.

1)      Pack lightly! Always consider carefully what you’re packing and if you really need it! It’s very easy to pack unnecessarily... always re-pack and only take those things really required-don’t make your case heavier than it needs to be.

2)      Use a suitcase on wheels or a back pack to ease the load and distribute the weight.

3)      Keep moving on the plane. Follow the exercise tips provided by most airlines as well as ensuring that you get out of your seat several times throughout the flight even if only a short haul.

4)      Drink lots of water. It’s really important to remain hydrated whilst flying and when in the sun. Dehydration is a common cause of aches and pains so make sure you drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day.

5)      Regularly change your position when sunbathing during the day.

Follow these tips and your holiday should be pain free and enjoyable! And if you can bring the sunshine home for us in the UK too then we can all enjoy our dose of Vitamin D! ...

Dr Polly Hand MChiro, DC, LCC
Registered Chiropractor


It's such a great concept, friendly & welcoming, and I know my body is pretty much back to pre-baby shape even though I have only been going for a few months.

Steph, Balham
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