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One of the things that you have told us, is that you love it when we try out new class types.
We would like to offer some form of Adult Ballet Class as this is a fantastic form of exercise so we will be running a Trial Workshop on Thursday.
The class will be run by Bridget and we will be looking for feedback afterwards as to whether this is something that you might like to see on the timetable.
Ballet classes and Barre workouts are excellent forms of exercise and no dance experience or proficiency is required. Upper body strength, core strength, improved flexibility and posture are just some of the benefits that you can expect.
Why not come along and tell us what you think?

Often from a young age it is drummed into us that we should put others first. That's generally a good ethos to live by but sometimes it is important to put yourself first. Looking after your own physical, and indeed mental health is vitally important. Only by putting yourself first in these two major areas will you truly look after yourself and those around you.

If putting yourself first is something that you find difficult, this can often be a lonely and difficult journey riddled with guilt and self-doubt. A counsellor can help by empowering their client to seek their own fulfilment and happiness, and reinforcing the idea that doing so does not mean causing harm to anyone else. Changing your thinking will require a lot of time and practice, and this is where therapy can really help.

BeHird Therapy

Annabelle Hird is a qualified BACP therapist. She began her training at The Tavistock and Portman where the focus is psychodynamic and completed her qualifications at the Gestalt Centre where she began to work in a more relational way.

Annabelle works with a varied client base and has experience with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, body image issues, difficulties with sexual identity, relationship problems and grief. Her specific interest is perinatal mental health. She works with Cocoon Family Support where she has been a counsellor and is now facilitating peer suport groups for women struggling with postnatal depression. She beleives in creating a safe and trusting relationship with her clients so that they can have the space and help to explore and become aware of changes that they have the power to make.

Her sessions are charged at £60 per session but Movers & Shapers clients are offered a discounted rate of £50.

Having time for yourself is a rare thing when you become a mummy! With little ones in your life, simple things like having a shower (or dare we say it – going to the toilet!) can become huge luxuries. So having some time for yourself to exercise probably gets pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities – if it makes it on the list at all! Your fitness however, doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) something you compromise on.

Movers & Shapers in Queen’s Park recently underwent a revamp and launched an exciting new timetable of classes. The new focus at the boutique studio is not just about providing a fantastic fitness experience for pregnant women or those with babies or pre-schoolers; but also to create a safe fitness hub where mums can make local friends, have some ‘guilt free’ time for themselves and boost their wellbeing, both mentally and physically. The studio manager Charlotte has been a Pilates instructor for many years and is passionate about helping women work on their posture and core muscles during pregnancy and/or post-natally.

Fitting in time to exercise as a mum is not only hugely beneficial for re-strengthening your core muscles (which in turn can help with back issues and posture) but is also vital to nurturing your mental health. Exercising can also boost energy levels, and when you’re sleep deprived that can only be a good thing!

The classes are relaxed and friendly aimed at getting you back into shape and increase your fitness during pregnancy or after having your baby. Movers & Shapers now offer safe and effective Pre & Post-natal specific classes targeting those problem areas whilst also reconditioning your core and pelvic floor and the best part… baby comes too!!! Bring your bundle of joy along in their buggy, car seat or use one of Movers & Shapers special baby seats. If he/she decides they need a feed or sleep mid class – don’t worry – you can stop what you’re doing, see to your little one and carry on. You’ll be amongst other mums and within a safe, warm setting.

Whatever your pre & postnatal stage, or even if you’ve been a mum a while now and just want to get fit and make some friends, Movers & Shapers in Queen’s Park has a small group class that will suit your needs and will be delivered by one of their qualified trainers. So give yourself a break from playgroup sing songs or coffee shop catch ups and do something different that really puts your fitness back on that list of priorities.

Sawasdee Massage is run by our very own Bam. Bam has a wealth of experience in this amazing form of massage as well as a whole host of beauty and wellness therapies which ensure that any visit to Bam will leave you feeling fantastic and full of confidence.

Offering Massages, Waxing, Aromatherapy, Facials, Manicures, Pedicures and now offering Quantum healing, Bams suite offers real life benefits and relief to her many clients. If your live would be improved by any of the many benefits Thai Massage offers then why not give Bam a call and set up an appointment? If you are a new client you will even get £10 off your first appointment. 

Benefits Of Thai Massage Include:

  • De-stress
  • Relieve back ache
  • Feel Relaxed
  • Alleviate headaches
  • Improved Circulation
  • Relieve tennis elbow
  • Good to relax the muscles after the exercise
  • Helps to calm & relax mood swings & relieve pre-menstrual tension
  • Balances energy flow

Tel: 0208 891 0999/ 07877 513473

Email:             web:


After 6 weeks my body fat was down 8% but, more importantly, my entire shape had changed. I'm thrilled to ditch smock-tops and treat myself to a new wardrobe, in size 8.

Lynne Hyland, SW London
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