Body Health Check

body health check

Here at Movers and Shapers our clients are more than just a number through the door. We are here to support our clients’ goals by providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere to workout with like-minded people. We know our classes are super fun and effective and that working out in a group helps us all stay on track and push ourselves that little bit further.

The other thing we know helps our clients stay on track and motivated are regular Body Health Checks! Regular one to ones with our trainers means keeping an eye on your progress and goals, whatever they may be.

what to expect

For your first check, the trainer will take specific measurements from points all over the body and use them as reference point for future check ins.

They will chat to you about what it is you want to achieve, exercise history, what you enjoy doing and nutrition.

With that info we can advise you on the styles of classes to attend and how often. They can advise you on nutritional changes to make and implement in to your new routine.

When you then book in to your new check in (which we advise to do every 6 weeks or so), we can make sure you are seeing results! If you aren’t then we can help you make some more changes to get you on track to seeing and feeling the benefits.

We want you to see and feel the results of all your hard work and we are here to support that 100%

After 6 weeks my body fat was down 8% but, more importantly, my entire shape had changed. I'm thrilled to ditch smock-tops and treat myself to a new wardrobe, in size 8.

Lynne Hyland, SW London
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