about us

about us

Say hello to changing your body shape, increasing your strength, reaching your fitness goals and feeling fantastic.

The team behind Movers & Shapers are a small group of Health & Fitness experts with many years in the industry. Through comparing their experience and reviewing many scientific studies they realised 2 incontrovertible truths;

  1. The best results were seen by people who worked with a Personal Trainer
  2. People who attended classes had the highest levels of motivation and therefore were much more likely to stick with exercise for longer

They realised that by combining the expertise of a Personal Trainer with a small group training format, their clients would not only achieve better results but have a more positive attitude towards their exercise programme. Careful research lead to them developing the best classes to assist individual's in achieving their goals and utilising the latest technologies to maximise the benefits they achieved in the shortest possible time.

Once this idea had been born they began to look at the best environment to train in to ensure that their clients felt the most at ease, another contributory factor in enhanced goal achievement. Traditional gyms can be an intimidating place for many, particularly if they feel self-conscious about their size, shape, age or fitness level. In addition, spending 1 hour or more exercising up to 3 times per week has become increasingly difficult in today's fast paced world. This lead to the idea of opening small, boutique style studios that offered incredibly effective 30 minute classes that would deliver significant results whilst fitting into the busiest persons schedule.

Their final realisation was that people no longer want to be tied into contracts, that suited the team, they wanted their clients to stay with them because they loved being a part of Movers & Shapers, not because they had to. That's why there is a range of packages available within the studios to allow clients to pick the one that suits their own lifestyle and preferences.

Whether you've tried and failed before, or whether you're completely new to exercise. The Movers & Shapers experience will have you wanting to come back for more. 

our philosophy

We offer a fresh approach to changing body shape, losing weight and improving your health and fitness, delivered with real integrity.

Our studios create a familiar environment, somewhere you will feel at home, handily located to pop in while working, shopping or on the school run.

Our job is to source the latest technologies and techniques to give you the most efficient and effective workout in a small group exercise environment. Most of our sessions last just 30 minutes. Double your results in half the time compared to working out alone in the gym. 

You'll have a friendly, expert Trainer to lead every group Personal Training session, keeping the numbers small to ensure real service and great value. And we'll follow up with expert nutrition advice and six-weekly reviews of your progress to ensure you reach your goals.

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After three weeks my jeans felt looser. After four, friends asked, "Wow, what have you been doing?"

Lynne Hyland, SW London
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