about us

about us

About us

Movers & Shapers provides a choice of exercise classes in the heart of a community and delivers them with the express intent of helping you to feel good. Each of our studios are nestled within their local communities. Building relationships, the connectivity and feelings of knowing another, being known and recognised are a special type of intimacy that form part of our brand DNA.

Our feel good fitness classes, will instil you with body positivity and give you the personal sense of achievement - Being your best self & enjoying the ‘feeling good’ that comes from it!

Our Values are simple……

our philosophy


Classes designed to be workouts that work, delivered by trainers who will help you to improve technique and get the most from the class. Our classes are the perfect size to achieve this.


Build relationships, it’s personal, intimate where you are known and get to be known. Social fitness at its best!.


Variety to maintain interest, choice. The experience is worth repeating - enjoyable and becomes easy to motivate yourself to workout, rather than letting boredom become an excuse for not exercising.


Easy to say yes to, easy to book in, easy to get to, very local. The right class at the right time. We offer you a smooth experience , matching your need for flexibility and time demands.


We want to be the buzz in your day. Mood enhancing. Life affirming. You’ll feel good just by walking in.

It's such a great concept, friendly & welcoming, and I know my body is pretty much back to pre-baby shape even though I have only been going for a few months.

Steph, Balham
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