30 Day Weight Challenge

30 Day Weight Challenge

Delivered by Sam Cornell, our Nutrition Ambassador who is a registered nutrition practitioner and certified Nutri Advanced Weight Loss practitioner.

This programme is not a calorie controlled diet; instead it looks to reinstate a healthy relationship with food by eliminating common foods that may hinder fat/weight loss while focussing on the right kinds of foods.  It also involves reflecting on what are your eating motives and the role sleep, exercise and rest play in controlling weight.

A number of conditions can affect your weight including metabolic issues and adrenal imbalances and Sam will work with you to identify if there are any specific issues that may be affecting your ability to burn fat and/or lose weight. 

What does the Programme Involve?

The programme uses a targeted food plan which has scientific research behind the dietary recommendations, and recommendations for lifestyle changes including exercise.  The food plan gives you the opportunity to include ingredients you may not normally use while experimenting with new recipes.

It also uses a specific supplement regime that runs alongside the targeted food plan.  This is entirely optional but does increase the efficacy of the programme ensuring greater results than the food and lifestyle plan alone.

The programme focuses on fat loss for healthy body composition to ensure that your ratio of fat to muscle is optimal.  Muscle tissue burns calories so having a high amount of muscle tissue raises our metabolism and enables us to consume more calories without gaining weight, and lowers our risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, diseases associated with hormone imbalance, joint pain, low energy and poor body image.

Results (using the supplement programme, targeted food plan and lifestyle recommendations) from a group programme run in 2014:

  • 100% of participants lost weight
  • Average weight loss in 30 days was 3.3kg (7.2lb) (largest weight loss = 7.2kg)
  • Average reduction in BMI = 1.17kg/m2
  • 100% of participants lost centimetres off their waist – the average being 6cm (largest = 15cm) 

How does the Programme Work?

Introduction to the programme – 1 hour group session:                               

  • Food list – foods you can eat
  • Sample menu plan, recipes and food diary
  • Supplement protocol option explained
  • Individuals decide whether to include supplement protocol in their programme

Day 1 – date TBC

  • The group agree a date for the programme to start
  • The closed Facebook group ‘goes live’ for online group community support

Days 10 and Day 20 – 1 hour group session

  • Check-in group clinic sessions to review progress and suggest adjustments
  • Not a ‘weigh in’ – your weight challenge is your personal journey towards better health and you do not need to share any data with the group – unless you wish to!
  • Individuals may request an additional 10 minute private check-in via Skype to discuss any confidential or personal challenges

Day 30 programme wrap-up – 1 hour group session

  • Discuss maintenance programme for continuing your weight loss journey once the programme has concluded 

What does the Programme Cost?

30 Day Weight Challenge

All group sessions, Facebook group support, food lists, recipes etc.  £110

Supplement Programme (optional and in addition to the above)      £183.61 - £198.87

How do I sign up?

Email Sam on sam@cornellnutrition.co.uk or call her on 07870 273559 to register your interest for the next course.



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I’ve tried gyms and personal trainers but this is different. The atmosphere is friendly and the staff very helpful. It’s addictive and not very time consuming. I love it.

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